Turning a Newspaper Assignment Into a Book


I’ve started to photograph for the Amsterdam-based newspaper Het Parool weekly in January 2020. I was very excited but also bit nervous as I felt the pressure of finding an interesting scene on a weekly base. I have to admit that this tension has stayed, even if I’ve filled those pages for 1,5 years now. Maybe it’s what keeps me going.



In March 2020 everything changed due to corona. The city became quiet, the scenes turned even more absurd at times. What wasn’t allowed to take place indoors was now happening outdoors. The city became a playground. Even if the series doesn’t primarily focus on the corona crisis, it provides a subtle view of life in Amsterdam during this extraordinary period.



Every week brings a new adventure. I get to meet people on the street and I often end up in fun situations myself, like dancing along with a group I try to photograph in a park, climbing on a roof top with dressed-up figures during a Dutch festivity. In contrast to my earlier way of working, I engage more with the people I photograph. Therefore I can send them their photo afterwards. Working for this newspaper section is a special experience that has taught me a lot about self-discipline and my approach to street photography.

Now it’s time to collect the photos in a book called Chasing Amsterdam. Because of the periodical deadline and the consequent vertical format there’s a strong relation between the images. Together they provide a view on daily life in Amsterdam through my eyes. I’m also including a few stories from the photo hunts, similar to how I’m sharing them through Instagram Stories. In this way the book doesn’t only show the results, but also the process and decisions of the street photographer.

I plan to publish the book by Autumn 2021. To cover a part of printing and design costs I’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign, where you’ll also find a preview of the pages. If you’d like to support this book by pre-ordering one, perhaps in combination with a print, take a look for all the options. Thank you!

Julie Hrudová / Founder of StreetRepeat

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Crowdfunding for Chasing Amsterdam



by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat

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