This Photographer Erased All Humans and Animals from His Pictures as Reaction to the Current Emptiness of Public Spaces

In these times, when we spend much more time at home, deliberately or not, we often have more time to revisit our existing work and sometimes even to reinvent it. Some photographers start to edit series, combine old and new work. Others recreate their images by using collage or mix photography with another art form like painting. Spanish photographer Antonio García reacts to the current view of many cities by erasing all humans and animals from his images. The result is an eerie look into the old and the possibly new world.



“Due to the situation we live in, I have a lot of free time but we cannot go outside to take photos. The streets, squares, avenues, etc. are empty, without people. An extraordinary situation that can generate good photos, but that we cannot photograph. This made me think how my photography would be if it had been taken these days, how I would change them. They did not take me long, because in my work as a 3D architect I usually work a lot with Photoshop.

That reminded me a lot of my photographic process, looking for initial situations on the street to which I can add something else and generate a good photo.”


I’m very much impressed by Antonio’s Photoshop skills. Slide away to see the before and after scenes.



You’ll find more of Antonio’s ‘before & after’ images on his Instagram page.



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by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat



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