Featured theme #2 – Red Balloon Instead of the Head

Arsenico Jr Nidoy, Taweechai Iam, Youngjae Lim


1. Start with an idea

The ‘Red Balloon Instead of the Head’ collection was the second theme on StreetRepeat. At first I was looking for photos of ‘Something Instead of the Head’ and as you may imagine, there are quite a few images based on that theme.


Instead of the Head collection


2. Narrow it down

The image above shows part of the ‘Instead of the head’ themed collection of photographs. These are photos sourced from Instagram, from photographers or curated accounts. Several variations of the object(s) instead of the head are already visible. The first step was to narrow it down. I focussed on the type of object, in this case the ball or balloon.

A Balloon Instead of the Head


3. Narrow it down more

Even in this narrower selection I was able to go one step further and create new subcategories by focussing on elements like colour. In this case I choose red. The ‘Red Balloon Instead of the Head’ became the final theme on StreetRepeat.


A Red Balloon Instead of the Head


4. Look for more

This way of editing allows me to pinpoint more specific themes and feature several variations of a larger theme. Of course the ‘Balloon Instead of the Head’ can be divided into more subcategories according to the different colours and types of balloons. For example the Disney balloon. And even this can lead to a specific Disney figure like Mickey or Minnie Mouse.



Collection of Disney Balloons


Mickey & Minnie Mouse theme: Ilan Ben Yehuda, rhapsodyroe, Katarzyna Kubiak


I hope this article gives some insight into the editorial process behind Streetrepeat. If you have any questions or themes you would like to see explained, don’t hesitate to get in touch.







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