StreetRepeat founder Julie Hrudová joins Burn My Eye Collective

Today it was officially announced on the Burn My Eye website. Photo by Peter Boer.

Burn My Eye
The collective was established in 2011 after its founders had been working together for some time, many of them are administrators of the infamous Hardcore Street Photography group on Flickr (over 80,000 members). Over the years they’ve added other members to the collective, and there are currently 20 members from all over the globe.

Burn My Eye has gained international recognition due to its collection of striking and at times untraditional photography, its exhibitions, workshops and group projects. Members of the collective also occasionally create series on various themes from the group’s work, including both still photography and videos.



Burn My Eye’s vision
“In a world huddling under a constant deluge of throwaway imagery BME seeks to provide thoughtful and informed photographic consideration of our circumstances, a way to see past superficiality and pretension, to burn through society’s veneer and truly see.”


Joe Aguirre, Pau Buscató, Diada, Don Hudson, Zisis Kardianos, Ania Klosek, Andrew Kochanowski, Simon Kosoff, Gustavo Minas, TC Lin, JB Maher, Dimitris Makgryannakis, Rammy Narula, Junku Nishimura, Justin Sainsbury, Jack Simon, Barry Talis, Lukas Vasilikos, Justin Vogel, Julie Hrudová


Collection of the works by Burn My Eye members

by Don Hudson


by Rammy Narula


by Pau Buscató


by TC Lin


by Dimitris Makrygiannakis


by Simon Kossoff


by Ania Klosek


by Diadà


Thanks again to Burn My Eye for including me in this beautiful collective!











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