Street Photography Books of 2021


Women Street Photographers – Gulnara Samoilova

Traditionally a male-dominated field, street photography is increasingly becoming the domain of women. This fantastic collection of images reflects that shift, showcasing 100 contemporary women street photographers working around the world today, accompanied by personal statements about their work. Variously joyful, unsettling and unexpected, the photographs capture a wide range of extraordinary moments. The volume is curated by Gulnara Samoilova, founder of the Women Street Photographers project: a website, social media platform and annual exhibition. Women Street Photographers: 9783791387406: Samoilova, Gulnara, Vitale, Ami, Breyer, Melissa: Books

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Think Like a Street Photographer – Matt Stuart

Street photography may look like luck, but you have to stack the odds in your favour if you want to come back with a ‘keeper’. From understanding how to be invisible on a busy street, to discovering opportunities in the chaos of a crowd, Matt Stuart reveals the hard-won skills and secrets that have led to his best photographs.

Think Like a Street Photographer, Matt Stuart | 9781786277282 | Boeken |

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Sonepur Mela – Maciej Dakowicz

Sonepur Mela is Maciej Dakowicz’s second book of photographs. It contains 126 images taken at Sonepur Mela in India between 2010 and 2017. The book has 136 pages and includes an introduction written by Gareth Fitzpatrick. It is designed by Katarzyna Kubicka and published independently by Maciej Dakowicz.

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Cristóbal Hara – Spanish Color

“Perhaps the two main factors that allowed me to definitely cross over to colour, in 1985, were the realization that I could find guidance in the great tradition of Spanish painting, and the decision to have the entire image in focus; the latter forced me to use a shorter focal length (28mm) than I normally used and it made it necessary to widen the field of vision on which I was working. I no longer reacted to a situation that was in front of me, but rather to the visual rhythms of a situation in which I was immersed. So easy, and yet so complicated.

I had been working for 17 years in black and white when I started working
exclusively in colour. I was then 39 years old. Suddenly I felt very comfortable, liberated and euphoric. The colours dazzled and overwhelmed me, they reacted with each other, everything vibrated and I felt enveloped by colour and its possibilities. The intensity of this first experience progressively declined but I regained the enthusiasm and dedication that I had almost lost after so many years of frustration.”

– Cristóbal Hara

The photography book cover of Spanish Colour 1985-2020 by Cristóbal Hara. In hardcover with a green trojan horse.

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Out of Place – Bas Losekoot

Bas Losekoot is presenting a photo essay in which he provides insight in the psychological journey of commuters in modern megacities. Placing his camera in the liminal spaces of the city, he is addressing the state of in-between-ness of the modern urban experience. With an intuitive eye, he observes the »presentation of self« and »micro-second meetings« that everyday urban encounters prevail. The book includes photography from the cities of New York, São Paulo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong, London, Lagos, Istanbul, and Mexico City.

Bas Losekoot is a Dutch artist and photographer, whose work has been exhibited widely in galleries, museums and festivals including BOZAR Brussels, JIMEI x Arles, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Villa Pérochon Photographic Art Centre, FotoIstanbul, LagosPhoto, and Unseen Amsterdam, and published in a variety of international media.

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Metropolis – Melissa Breyer

After a classical training in studio art and a masters degree in Museum Studies, Melissa Breyer tumbled into photography and has been spellbound by it ever since. Breyer’s work has been exhibited across the globe and has been featured in national and international publications, including National Geographic and The New York Times.

In Metropolis, Breyer turns her lens on the streets of New York, striving to document the city’s strange magic and the infinite stories of its inhabitants.

Peanut Portfolio Book With Print

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by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat

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