What I Like in a Photo: a Selection of the Winners and Finalists from the Miami Street Photography Festival

Photo by Maria Luisa Malheiro Rodrigues


Miami Street Photography Festival is an international photography event, in partnership with the HistoryMiami Museum. The goal is to establish a global platform for learning through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and more. Due to the pandemic the 2020 edition was hosted online.

I haven’t visited the festival yet, but would very much love to when travelling becomes possible again. The event always collides with Art Basel so it would be a few days of looking at a lot of art works, in good company. Here you can see the winning images from the Singles category, and below I’ve selected some finalist photos that caught my eye. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!



1st Place

Paul Kessel

2nd Place

Peerapat Palasaeng

3rd Place

Barlab Caleb Cintron Barbosa


Finalist Selection

Emre Cakmak

I’ve known this image for a while and I like it a lot because of the blue tones, the white car, the dark figures right between the stalks. The dry plant on the foreground plays an important role in the overall composition. It’s all well-balanced and the atmosphere is mysterious. 


Faruque Islam

This image is clean and symmetrical in its composition, I find it very pleasant to look at. The horses point to the figure and their sweeping tails bring some movement to the stillness. What I love is the white frame of the umbrella. It’s a beautiful contrast to all the dark tones in the photo.




Romain Ruiz

The humour element of this picture is great. It seems to be a street parade, yet it’s not a bad thing to know what is happening. I had some fun in looking at all the elements that contribute to this scene. 



Thomas Hackenberg

What is happening?? This is so funny and absurd. So many questions to ask. Does the car belong to the man on the left? Is he having fun? The ‘spectators’ like the geese and the Stand-Up-Paddlers reinforce the absurdity. The man and child seem to play around with the geese, while their car might be sinking. This photo invites the viewer to make up his or her own story.


Micha Krzyszkowski

A moody and symbolic image. I like the wintery feel of this, in combination with the smoke and the contrast between the old lady and the cars. 


Nukul Keekanchana

This is one of the images that needs a second look. The fact that the man is visually separated from the women by the twig, makes it interesting. The dark tones contribute to the enigmatic mood of this photo. 


Vladimir Yavorov

This is a very ‘StreetRepeat-like’ image, but aside from the ball as head joke, this picture carries some seriousness and nostalgia. It feels as if everything and everyone has just stopped moving. Composition-wise it’s pleasant to look at. The black ball is in a right position in the frame and the blue tones are nicely in contrast to the darker areas.


Well done everyone! It’s a pleasure to look at these images and especially describing them gives me an insight of what I appreciate in a photo. You can see all the winners and finalists from the Single Image category and the Series category here.


Cheers, Julie





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by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat


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