UPDATED: Street Photography Collectives

Here is an overview of street photography collectives, in random order. The list will be updated regularly. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them in.


1. The 8 Street:

“The 8 Street is an international collective of street photographers. Since forming in October 2013, our goal has been to travel together extensively, capturing the cities and countries we visit in our own individual style. Our first trip together was Paris, the home of street photography, and since then we have travelled together to Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Budapest as a collective. Trips to Myanmar, Cuba, India, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Japan have since followed.”

Members: Kristian Leven, Alexis Jaworski, Matthew Long, Nick Tucker, Adam Riley, Matt Tyler, Ross Harvey, Dominique Shaw, Liam Shaw, Lyndsey Goddard



2. Fotogenik Kollective

“Fotogenik is an international street photography collective created in 2018. It grew out of the need to share, to connect with others and to promote differing approaches to urban photography.”

Members: Jon Branburn, Luca S, Miguel de Pereda, Math Roberts, Barbara di Maio, Raphael Valverde



3. Full Frontal Flash

Photo by Salvatore Matarazzo

“For a vast majority of photographers, their story starts when they first pick up a camera. Ours’ came a bit later; when we first picked up a flash gun.  For some of us, it was seeing the work of Richard Sandler or Bruce Gilden, the raw style of Weegee, for others it was Martin Parr’s super-color that pushed us toward flash.  The idea to form a group came organically, a non-exclusive group, a camaraderie to further our individual crafts.”

Members: Gareth Bragdon, Gavin Bragdon, Boris the Flash, Jimmy Dovholt,  Torsten Hendricks, Johan Jehlbo, Michelle Groskopf, Conor Beary, Tyler Simpson, Skyid Wang Ben Helton, Salvatore Matarazzo 



4. Superluna Collective

“Superluna was founded in late 2016 as an international group of photographers. The idea came precisely on the day of the Super Moon phenomenon, hence the collective’s name. Our members come from around the world, all sharing the same passion and goal: to photograph candid scenes without necessarily subscribing to a single “street photography” style. We strive to embrace different interpretation of the genre, all within the framework of un-staged photos taken in public. From literal to surreal, with vivid colors or in black and white, we hope to show the beauty, humor and strangeness of everyday life.”

Members: Melissa Breyer, Nico Ferrara, Max Landi, Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, Daniele Martire, Roy Rozanski, Poupay



5. The Street Collective

The Street Collective members

“The Street Collectiveis an international group of photographers established in 2013. All nine current members are coming from different home countries and share a longtime interest in documenting their individual environment from a personal perspective. They are united in their enthusiasm to give significance to seemingly insignificant, elusive moments of everyday life.”

Members: Gabi Ben Avraham, Fabian Schreyer, Vineet Vohra, Dmitry Stepanenko,
Mats Alfredsson, Yves Vernin, Forrest Wallker.



6. Slowlight Collective

Photo by Julia Gillard

 “Slow Light is an international collective of young photographers. Brought together through our shared passion for documenting everyday life, we formed the collective in 2017 with the intention of collaborating, pooling our resources, and pushing ourselves and each other as artists.”

Members: Nayeli Cruz, Sam Ferris, Julia Gillard, Spiros Loukopoulos, Kevin Samuels,
Dante Sisofo, and Max Slobodda.



7. Observe Collective

​”OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. Spanning four continents we are united by a common fascination with watching and documenting the diverse humanity that surrounds us. While acknowledging that photography is at its core an individual pursuit, our membership finds benefit in mutual curation and support, discussion, and other collaborative interactions.”


Members: Greg Allikas, Marcelo Argolo, Fadi BouKaram, Ronen Berka, Larry Cohen, Chris Farling, Larry Hallegua, David Horton, Danielle Houghton, Guille Ibañez, Michael May, Oguz Ozkan, Ilya Shtutsa, Kristin Van den Eede, Tom Young



Photo by Charalampos Kydonakis

“Welcome to UP, a group born out of the ashes of the former In-Public. That site is now archived, and we have this new one with fresh energy. UP takes a more expansive, less dogmatic view of street photography’s possibilities. We have emerged stronger, a non-profit collective of 27 photographers. We may be spread around the world but we’ve found community together online.”

Members: Blake Andrews, Julia Baier, Aaron Berger, Richard Bram, Maciej Dakowicz, David Gibson, Todd Gross, Siegfried Hansen, Meg Hewitt, Richard Kalvar, Peter Kool, Charalampos Kydonakis, Graciela Magnoni, Jesse Marlow, Alison McCauley, Joel Meyerowitz, Igor Mukhin, Shin Noguchi, Melissa O’Shaughnessy, Gus Powell, Mark Alor Powell, Tavepong Pratoomwong, Paul Russell, Eléonore Simon, David Solomons, Matt Stuart, Matt Weber, Christophe Agou



9. interCollective

“Formed in 2016, interCollective was born from a desire to curate together. We want to showcase work by excellent photographers in one place – partly for our own inspiration, but also as a resource that others might be likewise inspired.”

Members: Paulus Ponizak and Efi Longinou



10. Burn My Eye

Photo by TC Lin

“Burn My Eye, an international photography collective born from the candid ethos of street photography, captures the truths, lies and fantasies of the world.”

Members: Joe Aguirre, Pau Buscató, Diada, Don Hudson, Zisis Kardianos, Ania Klosek, Andrew Kochanowski, Simon Kosoff, Gustavo Minas, TC Lin, JB Maher, Dimitris Makgryannakis, Rammy Narula, Junku Nishimura, Justin Sainsbury, Jack Simon, Barry Talis, Lukas Vasilikos, Justin Vogel, Julie Hrudová, Kanrapee Chokpaiboon



26. Little Box Collective

Photo by Katarzyna Kubiak

“Little Box is an international collective of photographers that aims to both continue and expand the rich tradition of unposed/street photography. We are ethnically diverse and aim to be representative of different regions of the globe, not just the western/English-speaking world. We also commit to a fair representation of women photographers among our ranks.”

Members: Dimitri Mellos (Greece, NYC), Edas Wong (Hong Kong), Ilker Karaman (Turkey), Ivan Margot (Switzerland, Spain), Joanna Mrowka (Poland), Julia Coddington (Australia), Katarzyna Kubiak (Poland), Koushik Sinha Roy (India), Marina Koryakin (Israel, Ukraine), Muhammad Imam Hassan (Bangladesh), Nayeem Siddique (Bangladesh), Rab Thanasorn (Thailand), Rudy Boyer (France), Stavros Stamatiou (Greece), Suzan Pektas (Turkey), Taras Bychko (Ukraine) and Ximena Echague (Argentina, NYC, Brussels).


27. Optic Nerve Collective

“Optic Nerve are an international street photography collective who like to blur the boundaries between street and other areas of photography such as documentary, reportage, urban landscapes, portrait, events and anything else we feel like doing. In fact, we don’t need definitions, we just want to show you our stories!

The collective came together in 2017 with the intention that, through our shared interests and goals in street photography, we can achieve together, as a diverse group of people, more than we can achieve alone. Future ventures may include exhibitions, collaborated projects, zines, books, public competitions, print sales and charity work.”

Members: Michael Goldrei (Austria), Marci Lindsay (USA), Lauren Welles (USA)

29. HNL Street Collective from Hawaii

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    Check it out, we would be so honored to end up in this list:

    This is not spam, We love street photography. We also
    just openend a blog a few weeks ago.

    Thanks again for your work!!

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