Hungry Seagull: What makes photographers approach this bird in a similar way?

Taweechai Iam, Pong Tinnakorn, Julian Master


Taweechai Iam:

This scene happened when I was travelling by boat at Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Over there tourists were allowed to feed seagulls on the boat. While everyone enjoyed feeding seagulls I approached to them as much as I could and shot a lot.


Using Flash:
I wanted to brighten up the shadow below the wings and stop moment by using high speed shutter.


About the other photographs:
I didn’t know that there were similar photographs, until I saw your combination. That’s awesome and so impressive when seeing them together. Really appreciate that.


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Pong Tinnakorn:


I shot the image at Bangpoo, Thailand. I wanted to make a close up of the seagulls to see their face, eyes and gestures.


Using Flash:
I use the flash because I want my subject, the seagull, stand out.


About the other photographs:
They are the same, but there are also interesting differences.  I like the pictures you choose a lot and hope you will be interested in my image again.


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Julian Master:


I was on a gig shooting around Pike Place in Seattle and I noticed all these seagulls were terrorising people eating french fries by the pier. So I held my hand out for a bit with some french fries and got some gulls to take the bait. I snapped maybe half a roll to get this picture.


Using Flash:
I used flash hoping it would freeze the action of the seagull biting into the french fry.


About the other photographs:
I didn’t know there were other similar photos until I saw this series. It’s very exciting! So cool to see others come up with the same idea independently from me.

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by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat


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