How Street Photographers Are Raising Money For One of Northern Italy’s Hospitals

Image by Kevin Icabales



This project is inspired by the earlier 100photographersforbergamo initiative, where photographers from different disciplines donated their print for one of the worst hit cities by the coronavirus, Bergamo. For the Pesaro project, Italian photographer Alessandro Rocchi works closely with the municipality of Pesaro and he has invited a lot of street photographers to donate their print:


“I saw the project for Bergamo and thought it could be useful for my town as well, smaller but affected in a similar way. Me and my parents are safe, but some of my friends have lost their parents. We have a hospital that needs materials and machinery. There are some little campaigns on GoFundMe for this. If we can obtain the success of the Bergamo campaign, we could give money to some other initiatives as well. In the Bergamo campaign, a lot of images were sold, raising 727.600 euro.”


The images are being sold for €100. These are 20×30 cm prints, on Canson Baryta fine art paper, printed by Linke lab. Each print will have the author and title of the photo on the back, with a conservation envelope. The prints will be made and shipped as soon as the laboratory resumes its normal activity.


Please visit the website of 100streetphotographsforpesaro to see the images. Here is a small selection.



Stefano Lista – Buy a Print

Polyvios Kosmatos – Buy a Print

Umberto Verdoliva – Buy a Print

Noppadol Maitreechit – Buy a Print


Vera Robert – Buy a Print

Stuart Paton – Buy a Print


Paul Russell – Buy a Print

Julie Hrudová – Buy a Print


You’ll find all the images and photographers here.
For other donations to the Marche Nord hospital in Pesaro, please click here.





by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat

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