Eyewitness in Brussels contest: deadline today


About the competition

“The theme of this contest, Eyewitness in Brussels, is directly related to Leonard Freed’s photography. A retrospective of this street photographer, member of the Magnum Photo Agency, is presented at the Jewish Museum from October 2018 till March 2019. Freed witnessed key historical moments all over the world and immortalised them with his camera. As a street photographer, he walked around cities and captured moments of daily life. He attempted to denounce injustices, to underline the disorder of the world but also its beauty. This street photographer wanted to witness the society he was living in, its prejudices, inequalities, troubles. His testimony is not only an engaged message but also a reflection on issues that are still relevant today: minorities, LGBTI, civil wars, the role of the police.

With this contest, we would like to see what you are witnessing in Brussels, in the streets, in the heart of the capital, but also in its less-known neighbourhoods. We want to see Brussels through your eyes. The capital of Europe has a very specific dynamic with powerful institutions circling the cozy city center with its small streets. However, this dynamic is changing due to the currents events. Brussels is home to 184 nationalities. It is the second largest international city in the world. Its inhabitants are facing various issues, such as raising inequalities in terms of salaries. The social and economic situation of Brussels’ inhabitants varies from one to another. As citizens of Brussels, or tourists loving this city, you certainly have stories to tell us. We want to see your testimonies, your perception of Brussels, a colourful city which is often still in disorder.”


The deadline is today, January 13. You can submit your images here.


Brussels Street Photography Festival
Jewish Museum of Belgium








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