In Memoriam: Elisa Tomaselli 1981-2020


Elisa, I met you in Rome during the Italian Street Photography Festival. Together with Benedetta Falugi we did a talk about the female perspective in street photography. I remember being somewhat doubtful about the subject, but when you and Benedetta showed your work and spoke straight from the heart, I instantly knew we were in the right place. I still admire how beautifully you expressed yourself, in words and images. It was a combination of the atmosphere during the festival, and the talks and moments we shared there, that brought us all quite close together, even if we left for our own cities and countries afterwards. This connection through photography feels like a kind of family, and therefore losing you is, I think for many of us, like losing a family member. Someone maybe far away, but still close to the heart. You were such a skilful photographer, your ability to catch the expression of people passing by in such a poignant way is admirable. I will cherish the memories we shared, I will often return to your beautiful and haunting book ‘Collecting Souls’ and read your personal note on the last page. Thank you for being who you were, and who you’ll always remain through your photography. Rest in Peace dear Elisa.








Benedetta, Elisa and Julie in Rome, 2019

Our talk about the female perspective in street photography in Rome, 2019

Elisa at the Italian Street Photo Festival in Rome, 2019

From ‘Collecting Souls’


From ‘Collecting Souls’



Ciao Elisa




by Julie Hrudová, founder of StreetRepeat









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